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ADVANCED Ministry Preparation

Sponsored by Gateway Seminary

CLE 1412 Educational Ministry of the Church


Center Name and Location: Escuela de Teologia OKC

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Instructor’s Name: Lic. Cesar Garcia

E-mail address or Phone Number:



Course Description

An examination of the rationale for the ministry of Christian education.  The study focuses on what is happening to people through the principles and methods of organizing, administering, promoting, and improving the education strategy of the local church.


Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to: 

  • Define the importance of the Education Ministry of the Church
  • Identify the basic  principles and  methods of an Education Ministry
  • Develop competency in organizing, planning, conducting, and improving the church’s total ministry
  • Lead a church to develop suitable objectives, goals, and action plans for Education Ministry
  • Establish a theological basis for the organization and administration of the Education Ministry


Required Text:

Manual de Educación Cristiana, Bruce P. Powers. 




Course Requirements:

  • Exams
  • Group Work: There will be group projects to plan the Education Ministry Calendar and a group Case Study
  • One Case Study and Calendar Planning



  • 4 Quizzes                   25%            
  • One Case Study         25%            
  • Calendar Planning     25%            
  • Final Exam                25%        


A=100-93,  B=92-85,  C=84-77,  D=76-70,  F=69-0




Case Study Project:

  1. Investigate or study the Education functions of a Church, preferably not your own church. 
  2. Interview at least one staff person and one member who is thoroughly familiar with the Education program of the church. 
  3. Study the constitution and by-laws of the church. 
  4. Attend one church business meeting and one meeting of the church council.  
  5. Investigate how the Education programs of the church are planned, coordinated, conduct, and improved. 


The following questions may help guide you through the case study; 

* What are the objectives and purpose of the church for the Education Ministry? 

* How is the Church organized for the Education Ministry? 

* What church-wide committees do you have, what do they do, and to whom are they    responsible?

* How does the church recruit leaders for the Education Ministry? 

* What practices and procedures are followed in conducting the Education Ministry?

* How is the Education Ministry of the church evaluated and improved? 

* What educational records and reports are used, and how?  How does the church get feedback, and what is done with it? 




Calendar Planning Instruction


  1. Form a simulated Church council—Pastor, Sunday School Director, Discipleship Director, Women’s Missionary Union Director, and Brotherhood Director, etc…  There should be four to five students per council, no fewer than three. 
  2. Briefly describe the characteristics and unique features of the church. The church should have active programs such as Sunday School, Discipleship Program, Women’s Missionary Union, and Brotherhood.
  3. Establish a Purpose Statement for the Education Ministry of the church. 
  4. Adopt a theme for the year. 
  5. Develop a statement of objectives and goals to be achieved in 12 months for the Education Ministry. 
  6. Plan a calendar of activities to assist the church in achieving the established objectives and goals.  The Education Ministry program should be balanced and not over-emphasize any one program.
  7. Weekly scheduled activities need not be itemized on the calendar. However, enough detail must be given so that the people are aware of the weekly program. 

A preliminary statement of items 2 to 5 should be submitted on October 16. 






Course Schedule:


I.  Foundations of the Education Ministry




14    Course Introduction. The Education Ministry of the church.   pgs. 9-21

        Christian Education Theology                                                  pgs. 23-44


21    Education Ministry in the Old and New Testament                 pgs. 45-51     



II. Principles and Administrative Procedures

28    Planning and evaluating the education development.               pgs. 55-80

        Quiz 1



04    Organizing and coordinating the Education Program               pgs. 81-109


11    How to recruit and motivate new personnel                              pgs. 111-135


18    Administering the Educational Programs of the church I.         pgs. 137-177

        Quiz 2


25    Administering the Educational Programs of the church II.             pgs. 178-230



02    Administering the specialized Education Activities.                 pgs. 231-255

        Which ones 


09    Christian Education in a small church/Administering a training program     pgs. 257-269

        For leaders.                                                                                pgs. 271-293

        Quiz 3


16    Case Study Analysis


23    Outreach and recruitment. How to nourish and teach new Christians.     pgs. 295-328

        Preliminary Education Calendar Due.



III. Education Leadership in the local church. 


30    Renewing the Education Ministry   pgs. 331-346

        Quiz 4



06   The Education Leadership in the small church.   pgs. 347-357

       Presentation of the Education Planning Calendar    


13    Pastoral Function the Christian Education. pgs. 359-378


20    Course Review and Final Exam.